LAAX Highline World Championship – Archive 2022

For the first time ever in the sport of slacklining, a World
Championship in highlining took place on July 15-17, 2022. Theevent was held in Laax, Switzerland at the legendary GALAAXY on the summit of Crap Sogn Gion.

We had a total of 31 athletes; 7 women and 6 Swiss. The athletes competed gender-separated in the disciplines of Freestyle Highline and together in Speed Highline.

There was no entrance fee for spectators, only the cable car ride to the top must be purchased.


Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2

  • 10.07. – Wednesday
    • 10 – 17:00 – Warmup
  • 11.07. – Thursdaydetails
    • 08 – 14:30 – Qualification
  • 12.07. – Fridaydetails
    • 10 – 13:00 – Finals Speed All
    • 14 – 15:30 – Quarterfinals Freestyle Men
  • 13.07. – Saturdaydetails
    • 10 – 12:00 – Semi Finals Freestyle All
    • 12 – 14:30 – Finals Freestyle All
    • 14:30 – Podium
  • 14.07. – Sundaydetails
    • backup day, in case of bad weather

Further Information (soon)

Qualified Athletes (updated soon)

Freestyle Female
  • Carmen Schillingmann, DE
  • Taylor St. Germain, CA
  • Salomé Cholet, FR
  • Annalisa Casiraghi, IT
  • Delaney Lyman, USA
  • Louise Lenoble, FR
  • Tania Monier, FR
  • Deborah Casimirio Fernandez, SP
Freestyle Male
  • Alexian Masson, FR
  • David Palomo Echevarrieta, SP
  • Ian Eisenberg, USA
  • Sebastian Egger, DE
  • Joaquin Neira, CL
  • Joshua Leupolz, DE
  • Carlo Cozzio, IT
  • Davis Hermes, USA
  • Emil Breuer, DE
  • Benoit Humm, FR
  • Matheus Vidal, BR
  • Diego Soriano, MX
Freestyle & Speed – Best qualified Swiss
  • Tim Odermatt, NW, CH
  • Samuel Volery, ZH, CH
  • Richard Schupisser, ZH, CH
  • Raphael Bacot, VD, CH
  • Ramun Tomaschett, GR, CH
  • Kasia Tschopp, BE, CH

For visitors, friends and family who would like to stay at the top of Crap Sogn Gion during the event.

Seeding and Qualification

Freestyle Highline


As Highline Freestyle is a young sport with only a handful of competitions having taken part so far, we sought to find the fairest possible criteria for the World Championships. Since there are, for the moment, more male than female athletes competing on a top level, there will also be more male athletes invited to compete. 

Automatic Qualification

As qualification criteria we have taken the results of the ISA ranking list which takes into account the pandemic open 1 and 2 and the results of all most recent competitions around the world. Upon that, we have taken into account those athletes who have been most inventive in the sport – this after discussion with the judges. Furthermore the best Swiss Athletes are qualified – due to the competition taking place in Switzerland and the audience onsite being mostly Swiss. We hope that our selections do justice to the athletes.

Qualifying Events

At the following events the judges and organisational committee will decide if athletes can be qualified for the World Championship. This is not guaranteed.

  1. April 2022 – Festislack, Les Arcs, France
  2. Mai 2022 – Esprit Héros Festival, Saint Bauzille de Putois, France
Wild Cards

If there is someone out there who thinks that they have the level to compete for medals but have not been invited yet, please contact us via email. We have Wild Card spots open. To be considered for these spots, we’ll need a uncut video of 40 second lenght with combos before midnight 24th May.

Speed Highline and Combination


To show the full spectrum of highline competitions out there, and due to a growing trend, we will, besides freestyle highline, also hold a speed highline competition on a 50m section of two 200m lines. The speed competition will be a mixed category with no gender separation. All athletes are invited to compete in Freestyle and Speedline competitions and there will be further prize money for the male and female combination winners.

Automatic Qualification

Since more athletes focus on freestyle and only a few on speedline, the majority of the invited athletes will be freestylers and only few are primarily speedliners. Also in this case, we aim to invite the strongest athletes from the ISA ranking list and from the most recent competitions after discussing with the judges.

Wild Cards

As there have been no online competitions in speed highline we don’t have a worldwide comparison. Therefore we would like to open Wild Card spots for the fastest highliners out there. If you would like to compete, we need to know your fastest time walking a 50m segment of a 100-200m highline. Please send us a unedited video for your qualification before midnight on the 24th of May.

Prize Money

The prize money for freestyle highline is allocated according to the table listed below. Note that female and male medal winners receive equal prize money. There is also prize money allocated for non-medal winners to help the athletes in this young sport. More prize money is allocated for the male non-medal winners due to the fact that more males will be competing. Prize Money is in Swiss Francs (CHF).

Prize money speed highlining:

Prize money combination:


We selected five experienced freestyle judges to guarantee a fair competition.

  • Oliver Defoor, BE
  • Augustin Moinat, CA
  • Isidro Rocua, CL
  • Axel Weber, DE
  • Rory Stephenson, NZ

The Headjudge for speed is

  • Watson Wu, TW
Contest regulations

Please find the details here

Communication & Media

The event will be professionally recorded and distributed. In addition to the production of a TV segment for news stations, various clippings for social media, shorts for train stations, airports, etc. will be created. A 2-day live stream with multiple commentators will be produced on site.

Picture download.
Images Copyright: Swiss Slackline

Livestream Coverage

Livestream from 17.07.

Livestream from 16.07.


Freestyle Finals Women (17.07)

Freestyle Finals Men (17.07)

Speedline Finals (16.07)

Event Videos

Best of Freestyle

Speed Highline Finals and Freestyle Highline Quarter Finals
Qualification Day 1

Social Media

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The organization of the World Championship is managed by a cooperation of the following federations and clubs:

Main Organiser
Further Organisers

Host & Location