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Members of Swiss slackline clubs benefit from cheap cell phone subscription offers.

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Frequently asked questions:

I already have a subscription? How can I change?
  • Let your current subscription expire in accordance with the contract
  • 3-6 months before your subscription expires you can apply for a new TalkTalk subscription in the Mobilezone Shop.
How fast is the TalkTalk Internet?

You benefit with the subscription of the maximum speed of 5G and have 60GB per month with this speed included, much more than all other cheap Swiss unlimited subscriptions.

How good is the reception?

TalkTalk runs on the Sunrise network, here you can find the coverage in your region.

Are there also discounted smartphones?

with a subscription via Mobilezone/Talktalk you also benefit from great offers on the store

Members of the International Slackline Association and therefore also Swiss Slackline associations can apply for coupon codes to receive discounts or they receive discounts as of a certain value of goods. The slackline manufacturers where a deal is available are listed below. 

Raed Slacklines
Balance Community
Aki Slacklines
Equilibrium Slacklines
Gibbon Slacklines
Slackline Industries
Spider Slacklines
Ticket to the Moon