These records were achieved by Swiss Slackliners in Switzerland and abroad.

Women130 Meter
Anita Jost
140 Meter
Zoe Spr
230 Meter
Laetitia Gonnon
35 Meter
Laetitia Gonnon
Men2000 Meter
Samuel Volery
750 Meter
Samuel Volery
460 Meter
Guido Häfeli
140 Meter
Marc Thompson
Worldrecprds are beeing kept by the ISA

Record History & Big Achievements in Highlining

Samuel Volery05.20171210mLine & Backup: Dyneema and PES, World Record, Turkey
Raphael Bacot & Samuel Volery10.2016800mLine & Backup: Polyester-Nylon Hybrid & 6mm Amsteel, PES World Record, France
Raphael Bacot & Rémy Boser10.2016325mLine & Backup: Sonic II and 9mm rope backup
Between Tour d’Ai and Tour de Mayen
Raphael Bacot09.2016573mLine & Backup: Polyester @3kN & Dyneema, Switzerland
Raphael Bacot& Samuel Volery09.2016303mLine & Backup: LC Sonic & 9mm Rope, Polyamid World Record, Switzerland
Samuel Volery08.2016540mLine & Backup: Slacktivity Halfmarathon, Polyester World Record, Churfirsten
Samuel Volery & Ando Franscini06.2016215mLine & Backup: Slacktivity Marathon, World Record in Urban-Highlining, Züri-Fäscht, Zurich
Samuel Volery10.2015477m HMLine & Backup: Slacktivity Halfmarathon @2kN, Polyester World Record, Switzerland
Raphael Bacot09.2015205mLine & Backup: Landcruising Core 2 and Rope
Raphael Bacot & Rémy Boser08.2015255m OSFMLine & Backup: Line-Spirit Fuji (Dyneema)
Raphael Bacot & Rémy Boser04.2015243mLine & Backup: Line-Spirit Fuji (Dyneema)
Laetitia Gonnon07.201580mLine & Backup: Line Spirit Elia & rope, Marmotte Highline Project, Grenoble
Raphael Bacot04.2015180mLine & Backup: LC Sonic 2, dyneema, Handtension
Samuel Volery07.2015169mLine: Slacktivity Marathon
Raphael Bacot02.2015120mLine & Backup: Line spirit double dyneema prototype @0.2-0.3kN, Pont de Gueuroz
Laetitia Gonnon08.201460mLine & Backup: Double Maverick @6kN, Chambotte, France
Remy Boser2014100mLine & Backup: LC Core 2 LS @1.5kN & LC Sonic, Geuroz, Valais
Samuel Volery2014102mLine & Backup: Slacktivity double hightech prototype
Laetitia Gonnon06.201445mLine & Backup: Linespirit Etna with Rope backup, Chambotte, France
Samuel Volery201496mLine & Backup: Slacktivity double-webbing prototype
Samuel Volery201490mLine: LC core 2 LS @7kN, Moléson, Fribourg
Remy Boser & Samuel Metzger201484.5mLine: LC Core 2 HS @4kN, St-Maurice, Valais
Remy Boser201480mLine & Backup: Double Moonwalk, Fenil, Vaud
Samuel Metzger201467.5mLine: LC Core 2 HS @8kN, Ostrov, CZ
Jolinde von Arx10.201327mLine & Backup: LC Sonic with rope backup, Bolligen, Bern
Bernard Witz201270mLine & Backup: LC Double Aeon @11kN, Mönchsbüffel, Bern
Thomas Buckingham201265mLine & Backup: ST Strong2 @7kN with Dyneema Backup, Stubenberg, AUT
Jeremy Folly201165mLine & Backup: Moonwalk @7kN, Stubenberg, AUT
Bernhard Witz201064mLine & Backup: LC Whitemagic @7kN, 10mm Rope backup, Kingline, Millau

Record History & Big Achievements in Longlining

Samuel Volery06.2015440mSlacktivity Marathon
Ando Franscini, Benj Herren & Thomas Buckingham01.2016333mLC Aeon @6kN, Schweiz
Thomas Buckingham01.2016305mLC Aeon @5kN, Schweiz
Thomas Buckingham05.2015280mLC Aeon @10kN, Lausanne, Vaud
Guido Haefeli01.2015303mLC Core 2 LS @15kN, Lausanne, Vaud
Marc Thompson & Thomas Buckingham2014210mLC Aeon @11kN, Vogelsang, Bern
Samuel Metzger & Thomas Buckingham2013108mLC Sonic @10kN, Dresden (Ex-Nylon World Record)
Laetitia Gonnon2013108mSlackPro Neon-Light @8kn, Genève
Jolinde von Arx201363mLC Core 1 @7.5kN, Genève
Jolinde von Arx & Silvia Mathis201363mLC Core, Luzern
Guido Haefeli2013197mLC Core, Lausanne, Vaud
Hugo Minnig2013190mLC White Magic @10kN, Marsens, Fribourg
Thomas Buckingham2013166mLC Core @14kN, Dresden, DE
James Clulow & Nicolas Sedlatchek2013160mSlackPro Neon-Light @12kN, Sion, Valais
James Clulow2013160mLC White Magic, Bern
Bernhard Witz2012156mLC White Magic, Bern

Record History & Big Achievements in Waterlining

Anita Jost201970mRiver Waterline, Bern
Sam Volery05.2016370mDyneema @8kN, High-Tech World Record, Voralpsee, Austria
Sam Volery08.2015303mSlacktivity Marathon @7kN, PES World Record, Switzerland
Sam Volery05.2015290mSlacktivity Marathon, Finale Ligure, Italy
Sam Volery2014102mST Strong 2, Zürich
Thomas Buckingham201399m OSFMLC White Magic @5kN, Bern, Dalmaziquai
Thomas Buckingham201280mLC White Magic, Bern, Dalmaziquai
Samuel, Volery & Thomas Buckingham201270mSlackpro Neon @14kN, Slackline Jam, Villnachern
Bernhard Witz201065mLC White Magic, Bern, Dalmaziquai