Swiss Slackline Print Media

The following flyers are available in print:

The diverse world of the Slackline

This flyer addresses the most common questions slackliners have to answer. Additionally, it helps raise awareness for slacklining as a recognised  sport and activity.

Target group: Passers-by, press

Format: A4, folded A5

Paper :Recycling, 300g/m2

Price: 20 pcs. : CHF/EUR 4

50 pcs. : CHF/EUR 10

100 pcs. : CHF/EUR 20

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“Macht’s mit!” (Join in!) - Tree protection while slacklining

This flyer sheds light on the standards for tree protection in slacklining.

Target groups: Slackliners, Officials, Park Management, City Gardens

Format: A4, folded 

Paper: Recycling, 160g/m2

Price: Free of charge; plus postage

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Free PDF: download

Format: A4, gefaltet 

Papier : 300g/m2

Preis: 20 Stk. : CHF/EUR 4

50 Stk. : CHF/EUR 10

100 Stk. : CHF/EUR 20

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