Principles of slacklining

This A5 flyer gives an overview of the Swiss slackline community. Printversion can be ordered here.

Target group: Slackliners



FAQ Flyer

This flyer answers the most common questions slackliners are faced with. It also helps to raise awareness for slacklining as a sport and activity. Print version can be ordered here.

Zielgruppe: Passanten/Presse


Spot choice, behaviour and rigging

Target group: Slackliners


Two short documents concerning rigging slacklines and general behaviour whilst slacklining.

Safety advice for slacklining

The slackline federations of Austria and Switzerland distribute non-binding advice concerning methods and gear. A group of individuals with no affiliations with manufacturers and resellers wrote this publication.

This document aims to raise awareness for incorrect handling and weaknesses in gear. We hope to prevent accidents with it.

Weitere Warnungen und Meldungen finden sie hier:

Rodeolinerin am Bern City Slack Festival, Photo: Tobias Rodenkirch