Starting in Bern directly after Bern City Slack Festival (24.08. - 26.08.2018) and and

The tour stops will be:

BERN - 26. August
Waterlines during Sunday at Bern City Slack.

One spot is at Dalmazi bridge here (15 min walk from Bern Eichholz):

Overnight stay from Bern City Slack (best is to stay the campground in Bern Eichholz for a further night after the festival)

SION - 27. August - 29. August
We will transfer to Sion on Monday morning. There we will rig some long waterlines over Les Iles (46.212279, 7.319412) and stay in the campground until the morning of the 30th of August.

FLIMS - 30. August - 2. September

The spot is at the beautiful Caumasee in Flims, where we will rig lots of waterlines, a huge water-spaceline and water-midlines. Take the bus stop "Flims Waldhaus", we will stay @ the nearby camping in Flims (20 min walk from the lake,


- Gotthardpass

There are a couple of lakes ontop of the Gotthardpass as well as the possibility to rig some midlines. You can go to Gotthard between our stops in Sion and Flims (on thursday) if you find someone who is motivated and knows the spot.