Principles of slacklining

This A5 flyer gives an overview of the Swiss slackline community. Printversion can be ordered here.

Target group: Slackliners



FAQ Flyer

This flyer answers the most common questions slackliners are faced with. It also helps to raise awareness for slacklining as a sport and activity. Print version can be ordered here.

Zielgruppe: Passanten/Presse


Spot choice, behaviour and rigging

Target group: Slackliners


Two short documents concerning rigging slacklines and general behaviour whilst slacklining.

Youth in action – access to public lands


From the 22nd to the 28th of August, roughly thirty people from Germany, Austria, the UK and Switzerland gathered in Bern, Switzerland, to join efforts in brainstorming and creating recommendations on how to gain and preserve access to public lands.

The event was funded by the Swiss branch of a European programme called “Youth in action” (YIA). The YIA funding is available to cover the costs of travel, food and accommodation in order to bring young Europeans together for different purposes. To find out more about the YIA program, see here.

Locally the meeting was organised by members of the Berner Slackline-Vereins SlackAttack, Bern's slackline association, which is also a member of Swiss-Slackline. Additionally, the meeting preceded the opening of the Bern City Slack Festival.

A number of groups treated different topics of interest, such as communication with authorities, actively performing roleplays while others focused on rigging safety and other topics. The daily routine also included going out to three slackline spots in Bern on bikes and enjoying the weather while interviewing passer-by’s and discussing the safety and legal aspects of the spots.

The feedback gathered at the end of the week suggests most participants were able to take something back home with them from the event: be it motivation, knowledge, new approaches or insights into other slackline communities. The event was a success and hopefully it will inspire more of its kind in the future.


A flyer was created during the project, you can dowload it above.