The Highline Extreme 2018

The Highline Extreme is a highline event open to the public from the 13 to the 16 of September 2018.

For this fifth edition Swiss-Slackline, in collaboration with the Moléson, has decided to put a special emphasis on this mix of balance and artistic performance.
The athletes are invited by the organising committee, in order to guarantee sufficient slackline time for all the participants.

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The Winners of the Trick-Highline Contest 2018

Joshua, Richard and Raphael (left to right)

This years winners of the Freestyle Highline Contest at The Highline Extreme 2018 on Moléson CH:

1. Richard Derico - Slackliner, CH, 243points
2. Raphael Bacot, CH, 238pt
3. Joshua Leupolz, DE, 235pt
4. Louise Lenoble, FR, 229pt
5. Tijmen VD, NL, 218pt
6. Rory Stephenson, NZ, 210pt
7. Stan Aymoz, FR, 207pt
8. Lou Griffiths, FR, 194pt

The finals took place on 45 and 90m polyamid lines (one run each), a run took 4min and 5 judges ranked the athletes.

Congrats to the athletes and thanks to the numerous helpers and organizers!

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